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Characteristics of a Good Engineer


When it comes to the industrial society, the engineers are its backbone. Life would be difficult if we had no engineering students who spend hours on end going through the entire academy to become the best at what they do. The creation and development of devices such as computers, airplanes, and automobiles can all be attributed to engineers. Over the years engineering as a discipline has continued to grow. The way it is today is very different from how it was in the past. Technology has allowed engineers to come up with bigger and better ideas when it comes to the creation of amazing devices. There are a few characteristics that most engineers share. Here are some of the traits.



Most Engineers share a particular aspect called applied creativity that allows them to carry out their work effectively. This factor is one of the building blocks of engineering. A good engineer can easily turn theoretical concepts into real life applications. This is where they need to apply their creativity especially when they need to design complex equipment to be used in industrial processes.


Arithmetic Skills

A good engineers academy must be conversant with mathematics. The bigger part of engineering involves math. This is why you need to make sure that you have a vast knowledge of calculus and trigonometry which must be applied in design. Additionally, most software used by engineers demand that the user understands arithmetic.


Problem-Solving Skills

For you to be a good problem solver, you first need to make sure that you are a good listener. Engineering is all about listening first then coming out with a solution. A good engineer should always be a good listener. He or she should listen to the owner of the problem for them to come up with the right solution to the problem. Listening helps them understand all the angles of the problem. Read more about education at


Mechanical Skills

A good engineer must always have top-notch mechanical skills. According to most engineer, this is a skill that can be seen even at a young age. They need to have interest and passion that helps them to understand mechanical systems. Understanding mechanical parts is important because it helps them to visualize the most basic engineering concepts. Mechanical skills are also necessary because it helps engineers to make the most rational fundamental assumptions that allow them to solve different engineering problems.


Engineering can be a fascinating bridging courses for those individuals who prefer practical learning to theoretical learning. It breeds good quality in individuals.